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They're just not as much of a risk as earbuds are: Having the source of the sound in your ear canal can increase a sound's volume by 6 to 9 decibels — enough to cause some serious problems. Up until three years ago, I was releasing records every eight months or so--until Rebecca gave birth to our child. Video: Can a tune turn you on? To see these kids dance and sing and act with such professionalism and skill was just remarkable, and even more so when you realize they all live down here, where we do not have many of the benefits and influences that come with living in more sophisticated or urban communities. Among heavy listeners, 51 percent started having sex within two years, versus 29 percent of those who said they listened to little or no sexually degrading music. As their brains grow, these receptors are pruned back like a tree, solidifying certain connections and weakening others based around learning.

Degrading messages influence sexual behavior, study finds

Study: Are Music-Loving Teens More Likely to Be Depressed?

What do you like about classical music? Earbuds exist because so many of us love music. The doctor may examine you and send you to see an audiologist. I enjoy the feeling I get when I am really in the flow and can use some of the cool techniques I have learned. According to studies on earphones, earphones can increase audio signals power by about nine times as the original amount of decibels.

Behind the Music: Local Teen's "Dark Shart" - Love My Switches

Past research has also found links between depression and other forms of media like TV and video games. Since a lot of us record at home, I thought ya'll would be interested in hearing how it was recorded. Help them find recordings of great music to listen to. Relevant and important music and pretty darn creative. Music is that second thing. But make no mistake: Teens are highly sensitive beings fighting an uphill battle in their own brains.
Women had a tough time entering the business of music. This allows clubs to access popular music for a lot cheaper instead of hiring live bands. How many hours do you practice a day? School puts a lot of pressure and stress on my shoulder, but when I drum I forget about that. The spread of disco in its various forms lead to its popularity.
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